CST – Computer Simulation Technology

19 May 2010

Cadence and CST present webcast demonstrating advances resulting from technical cooperation.

May 20th, 2010, Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announces closer cooperation and webcast with Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

To address increasing customer demand for integrated layout and 3D full wave analysis, CST and Cadence are collaborating to provide a best in class solution. A webcast on June 23 will demonstrate the integration.

As multiband devices shrink and frequencies increase, layout of packages, system in packages (SiP) and PCBs is becoming increasingly critical to maintain good signal and power integrity and to meet radiated emission requirements. Rule checkers can help to some extent, but electromagnetic field simulators are required to see the full picture, both in pre layout analysis and post-layout verification. Most layout tools have 2D simulators available that can offer good insights, but for high accuracy and to address layouts with non-planar elements such as wirebonds, a full 3D simulator is mandatory.


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