CST – Computer Simulation Technology

12 May 2005

New product simplifies analysis of charged particle dynamics

CST previews specialist product for the fast and accurate design and analysis of charged particle dynamics at PAC 2005, booth #8.
CST PARTICLE STUDIO™ (CST PS)  will be used in the research and development of electron guns, high power tubes and magnetrons etc. Engineers in this area will benefit from the easy to use, intuitive interface and workflow integration capabilities already enjoyed by the high frequency community since 1998 through the market leading Time-Domain code CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS).  The years of experience in fully self-consistent charged particle simulation, valued by users of the TS2/TS3 modules in CST’s MAFIA-4, combined with proprietary technologies such as the Perfect Boundary Approximation, PBA® , already applied in other members of the CST STUDIO SUITE™,  place CST PS at the cutting edge of simulation technology.

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